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We combine decades of know-how in business and analytics with the latest in technology. Our goal is to deliver creative and innovative solutions for the modern, data-driven company to faciliate both growth and further development. To deliver on our mission we accompany our customers through the following stages:


We evaluate your idea, tune it and create a working concept. The result usually is a working prototype or even a minimum viable product (MVP) that's ready to be tested under real life circumstances. From here on we develop long term strategies and use our skillsets to transform the concept into valuable projects and operational businesses.

Research and Development

We rethink the use of the newest technology in order to develop creative solutions in different areas of business. Examples are machine learning tools to enable deduplication and record linkage throughout your customer databases or systems that allow accurate sales forecasts using classic regression models in combination with neural networks.

Data Science

We understand your business, and we base this understanding on facts. Our business intelligence experts and data analysts know how to gather, process and visualize the information scattered across your company. We build reporting systems that allow you to gain vital insights into your daily business and long term operations.

Our concept

Successful projects are all about communication and teamwork. This is why we encourage interdisciplinary work within your company and assist you in raising the potential you already own. Our experts speak the language of business and engineering alike and our goal is to help you building a culture of innovation and change that transforms your company into a modern, data-driven enterprise.

Our Work

Enough said. Let's see some examples of what we have been working on so far.

Microsoft Cloud
From Excel to PowerBi

Spreadsheets are ubiquitous tools used throughout all types of companies, but they lack the features to allow for a multi-dimensional view on your data. We have migrated Excel spreadsheets of considerable complexity to Microsoft's Reporting tool PowerBI. The resulting dashboards help management to keep track of the company's complete ordering process.

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Sunset in the mountains
Business Intelligence
Analysis & Reporting for universities

In this project we delivered a digital upgrade to students, facilities and staff by building a solution with which you can easily monitor, report and improve on key institutional metrics. Disconnected administrative systems made it difficult to craft budgets, control spending and to quantify the ROI of human capital. Built on the flexible Unit4 prevero platform and connecting the Unit4 Education Solutions you can maintain a laser focus on key metrics with dashboards and embedded analytics that get the right information whenever and wherever it is needed.

Sunset in the mountains
Research and development
Restricted party screening

Screening your business partners is an important part of compliance management. Our solution uses state of the art technology like ElasticSearch in combination with machine learning algorithms to match parties (e.g. your customers or vendors) against international sanction lists and provides you with a daily risk report.



Find out more about the services we offer.

Project Evaluation

We evaluate your current ideas and projects and allow you to view things from a new perspective.

Data Aggregation

We tap into all sorts of data sources within your company in order to provide you with the necessary insights.

System Integration

We integrate excel spreadsheets as well as cloud based database systems or enterprise grade messaging buses.


We provide you with a working prototype for almost any idea. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Data Analytics

We analyse your data with state of the art tools and recognize patterns you might not be aware of.


We set up e-commerce systems and adapt them for reporting purposes so you don't longer have to guess what your customers want

Management Consulting

We consult you in all things tech, help you to choose the right tools for the job and guide you the whole way through your projects.


We gather, aggregate and process your data in order to build a reporting system that tell you exactly what you need to know.

Software Development

We build it if it does not exist yet. Our engineers have more than 10 years of experience in various areas of software development.


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